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R. Bates & Sons has been selected as the prime contractor for dozens of landfill projects throughout New England. Whether closures, re-use projects, or phased cell development, that experience benefits every new client. The result is a high level of efficiency, smooth operation, and cost-effectiveness.

Bates has significant background in all phases of both traditional and unusual closure projects. We’ve constructed gas extraction systems ranging from simple passive vents to a complex network of wells feeding gas-burning flares. An ozone-injection system in Yarmouth allowed water from a nearby treatment plant to be used for irrigation. A massive retaining wall in Plymouth allowed a landfill to abut a transfer station where space was tight.

Our experience in heavy construction has benefited many of these landfill sites. Whether retaining walls, bridges, access roads, parking lots, underpasses, ponds, irrigation systems, (or even a golf course!) we routinely manage landfill projects with complex requirements.

Most of all, that experience saves you time. It lets us move quickly when there is limited time to accomplish the closure or expansion


*Soil Remediation                                  *Pump Out Stations                  *Landfill Expansions/Closures               *Dredging



Yarmouth Landfill
(Now a public golf course)


Bourne Landfill
Ongoing cell phasing – Create-fill-close-create


Dozens of
Landfill Projects
Across New England