Your Partner for Heavy Construction

For more than 95 years, the most prestigious construction and architectural firms in the Northeast have selected R. Bates & Sons Construction to be their partner for heavy construction projects.

The reason? These firms base their success and profitability on their choice. They cannot accept trade-offs or compromises. A partner must meet every one of the following requirements:

• Cost-effective, competitive bidding
• Very strong project management and time management skills
• Consistent history of being on-time and on-budget
• Experience and craftsmanship
• Totally reliable personnel
• Delay-free schedules
• Total competency with municipal and regulatory requirements

The result? New clients of R. Bates Construction have the advantage of knowing, by contacting our long list of references, that they will be getting
a great deal more than just a winning bid.

You will be choosing a partner totally dedicated to your profitability and success.


*Bridge Construction                    *Dam Projects                                                *Boat Ramps                                *Park Construction                            *Boardwalks                                 *Streambank Stabilization                            *Municipal Pools & Fountains      *Spray Parks



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